Lady Keela

Lady Keela of the Barrow Downs


There is a woman who has shown interest in the dealings of Deltor Xath. She isut she has proven adept are harvesting all parts of a person’s emotions, harvesting their bodies, and doing far more than consuming. She can, quite literally, swallow someone whole. Mind, body and spirit.

She is not to be trifled with.


She has found her way into the Realms about 5 years ago.

Last, year, after a successful campaign of recruiting Corrupted Earth Elementals, she has taken over an area of the Realm now known as the Barrow Downs: a series of ancient burial sites.

The Realms has seen her transformative powers. She has made Children into dolls, their Souls into Candles that can be used as components in rituals.

Recently, more components of a similar style have been found: harvested sorrow, innocence, desire, and blood.

Lady Keela

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